Mission of S.F.C.

The goal of Snow Farm Creamery is to produce and sell quality farmstead cheeses for our customers to enjoy.


Our family is proud to run a 4th generation dairy farm in upstate New York. We believe our small farm's success lies in the pursuit of humane agriculture with sustainable economic practices.

On our family dairy farm we strive to produce high quality milk and take the best care of our animals. With about 5% of the milk we make quality farmstead cheeses to sell locally and regionally.

We make cheese using milk exclusively from our family dairy farm. We us traditional cheese making methods using raw milk to craft handmade cheeses that are deep in flavor and rich in taste. We use a vegetable based rennet to make our cheese. We use a vegetable rennet so that vegetarians are able to enjoy our products and can support our farm.

We strive to take excellent care of our cows. When the weather is nice, they roam the fields as a herd, foraging at their leisure. They enjoy spacious shelter in our barn and are treated humanely.

The cows graze our pastures from spring thru fall, and throughout the year are fed stored forage that is grown on our land. 90 percent of our cows' diet is produced on our farm. We strive for a balanced diet for each cow and work with a certified animal nutritionist to achieve this goal. In the summer they get fresh green pasture along with hay and a mixed ration of corn silage, barely, soybean meal, canola meal, salt, minerals.

Over the years our family's agricultural practices have endeavored to be sustainable and improve the soil. We spread the cows manure over our fields to improve the fertility.

A low stress environment is important to dairy cow health and milk quality. We work to make sure their surroundings are comfortable, clean, and relaxed. We believe this makes a better work environment for us as well.

Our milk and cheese are not "organic”.  Our cows are treated with antibiotics only when their are sick and their immune system is not able to combat the bacteria/virus. As an adult might do for themselves or their children, we use antibiotics as a tool when natural treatments are unsuccessful.

Snofarm has adopted a mixed breed herd (Dutch Belts, Holsteins, Brown Swiss, Jerseys, and Milking Shorthorns) to achieve cross bred vigor.  The results of all our practices and hard work ensures that Snofarm produces high quality milk that gives our cheeses at Snow Farm Creamery a distinct, delicious, and local taste. We hope you enjoy our products.