At Snow Farm Creamery (SFC) we produce delicious farmstead cheeses using milk from our 4th generation dairy farm.


We make 4 different types of raw milk cheeses. 

Dream Street - a Gouda style cheese

Tiara - an Asiago style cheese  

Fetish - a Feta style cheese

Baby Swiss - a young Swiss style cheese

We sell our cheese at the Ithaca Farmer's Market, Brookton's Market and GreenStar. You can purchase wheels of Dream Street through our website.

On our family's dairy farm (Snofarm) we milk a mixed breed of 32 cows including Holsteins, Brown Swiss, Milking Shorthorns, Jerseys, and Dutch Belts. 


Every Friday we produce a batch of cheese, usually making 40-55 pounds of cheese each batch. To start, we fill up 6 stainless steel milk cans during the morning milking, then lift them into the back of our pick up truck, drive down the road to our cheese making facility, and then spend the morning and afternoon handcrafting cheese for you to enjoy. 

Making a batch of Dream St.

We hope you enjoy our products and we appreciate your business.